the rumour has wings

Fama Volat, which is Latin for ‘rumour has wings’, is a marketing communications agency that specialises in brand positioning and campaigns that get noticed. Our four offices have specific areas of expertise. In Eindhoven we focus on brand positioning and activation, in Tilburg we create surprising digital experiences and content, in Amsterdam we concentrate on challenger brands and PR, and in ‘s-Hertogenbosch our market research and strategy specialists develop solutions for clients in the B2B and (semi-)public sectors. Fama Volat S. works exclusively to accelerate sustainable brands.

At Fama Volat we are pragmatic in the way we combine creativity with science. All of our work is based on our Buzz Canvas Model, which incorporates the insights of social psychology and behavioural science. This enables us to develop solutions that increase the impact and effectiveness of your marketing and communications.

You can read more about our vision and approach in the (free) white papers on this website. We also present Cases that show how this works in practice.

Fama Volat is Latin for ‘rumour has wings’ or ‘fame flies’. It is taken from the Aeneid, written by the Roman poet Virgil. The image of an angel spreading rumours with her trumpet is the earliest reference to word-of-mouth marketing. And that is precisely what we deliver: sensational content that people talk about.

Fama Volat

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By investing in long-term relationships with our clients, we ensure that the creative work we produce, for and with our clients, gets better year after year. We believe in media-independent ideas. So, rather than keeping production in-house, our experienced project managers produce all media – from traditional print and television commercials to events, PR and social content – with our, or your, suppliers.

Fama Volat is a member of VEA, the Dutch industry association for leading communication agencies, and a patron of SWOCC, the Foundation for Scientific Research on Commercial Communication. In 2021 Fama Volat will become a B-Corp.

Unlike traditional agencies, Fama Volat does not have account managers. As a client, you always deal with a senior strategist or creative. Teams are led by experienced agency staff: Levi Sars, Joris Raaijmakers, Niek Maas and Tamberly Husson in Eindhoven, Wietse Rekers in Amsterdam, Nick van de Hei and Thijs van Gerwen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Joris Verhaak and Carmen Roovers in Tilburg.

we’re a media indepenedent agency

Successful strategy and content creation requires competent project and production management. Sandra van de Velde (040) and Anke van der Zanden (020) and their teams deliver what is devised and promised by Fama Volat.