Better branding
for a better world

Our S. label, is there exclusively to support sustainable start- and scale-ups with branding, communication and product innovation. S. offers the knowledge and experience of Fama Volat, our experienced B-leaders and our own model that creates a maximum impact for sustainable brands.  

S. is continuously on the lookout for brands that contribute to one or multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals. Creating a positive impact on our world with our clients is the main goal of S. This means we have a broader perspective to engage in partnerships and make our service available for start- and scale-ups. 

Examples of our S. clients are: Healthy Seas Socks, that produces socks made out of fishing nets, the start-up Picoo that makes an outdoor gaming console that challenges childers to play outside with each other and, a International webshop for sustainable brands. 

Business as a force for good

B-Corp is a movement and certification for companies that operate as a Force for good. Brands like Tony Chocolonely, Auping, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s are examples of inspiring B-Corporations. The B-Corp certification is beneficial to define targets and assure high values within your company. 

In 2021 Fama Volat will become a B-corp and also offers the service to assist companies to become a B-Corp. Interested in becoming a B-Corp and the benefits for your organisation? Feel free to contact our B Leaders Martijn of Thomas. 

S. Work


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